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We value our patients' experience at Ripploh Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to click on one of the following links and rate your experience.

Dr. Keith Ripploh
Your Cincinnati Chiropractor

"I would like to start by saying thank you to Dr. Ripploh and his staff. The body is very important, one little thing that's out of place could affect you tremendously. The adjustments that you did was much needed. Going through this Draft process, and after working with you week after week I saw a huge difference in my performance! Thank you again, I can't thank you enough for your time and support!" Clayton Geathers - Indianapolis Colts DB

“Being a professional soccer player takes a heavy toll on the body. It’s a rare feat to be able to go a full season without missing games due to injury. Ripploh Chiropractic makes this a possibility. I have worked with Dr. Ripploh and Jenny on a weekly basis this season, and it is by far the best my body has felt during my seven year career. Not only are Dr. Ripploh and his staff extremely knowledgeable, but they are super friendly and have made me feel at ease from my very first visit. Their quality is unmatched and I cannot sing their praises enough. If you are looking for chiropractic services, get down to see the “Ripmaster” A.S.A.P. The man is a genius!” Andrew Wiedeman - #23 FC Cincinnati

Professional football player Tyler Eifert

Professional football player Jake Fisher and Coach Clif Marshall

Professional football player #99 Mike Wright

Professional wrestler and Olympic champion - Mark Henry

Professional baseball pitcher #35 Craig Stammen

Professional Kicker - Mike Nugent

Professional football player Jordan Hicks

Professional football player Bobbie Williams

Cincinnati Sports Writer - Paul Dehner Jr.

“I love Dr. Ripploh and his staff. They are very accommodating and really worked with my busy schedule. Every time you go in, you feel as though you are getting the best treatment possible. I highly recommend this office, he has helped me so much.” - Nicole

“Dr. Ripploh is caring and compassionate and takes the time necessary to help you heal! He treats the person not just the problem! You won’t be disappointed choosing Ripploh Chiropractic!” – Shawnda

“Dr. Ripploh is hands down the best doctor I’ve ever been to. I suffered a lower back injury 2 years ago, went to the hospital, and saw several doctors to treat my condition. No one else was able to help, neither were any of the medications I was prescribed. Dr. Ripploh saved me! He was able to get me out of pain, and back to work after my spirit was completely broken. The benefits of chiropractic are amazing and Dr. Ripploh is by far the best. I do not have enough good words to say about this man! If you want pain relief, and overall better long term health visit Dr. Ripploh and he will definitely be able to help you, like he has helped me and countless others. 5 stars for Ripploh Chiropractic!” - Greg

“My family has known Dr. Ripploh for many years and he has always taken such wonderful care of us. I love going into see him not just for the great chiropractic care he provides but for the wonderful customer service and love he has for his patients. My Fiance was suffering terrible shoulder pain and had been for a long time. I finally was able to convince her to go see Dr. Ripploh and with in weeks, years of sharp pain were diminishing. A couple months later and all she needs now is maintenance. The pain is completely gone. This is just one of the many miracles Dr. Ripploh has provided for his patients due to his excellence and knowledge of chiropractic care. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Ripploh today.” - Mike W.

I would like to just thank Dr. Ripploh for all that he has done for me through his Chiropractic care. I am an extremely active individual and I owe much of my continued success to Dr. Ripploh. I am a Tri-Athlete competing in Ironman events, a runner competing in half and full marathons, avid in strength training, as well as recreational softball. The extensive amount of training I put my body through most definitely takes its toll but Dr. Ripploh’s attention to detail and overall desire to see me continue to be healthy and accomplish my goals has kept me moving pain free! Every time I have an issue in which something doesn’t feel right I immediately contact Dr. Ripploh’s office and schedule an appointment. He almost always is able to see me the day of or take extra time out of his day to ensure I get adjusted and back out there! I have seen several chiropractors in my day and Dr. Ripploh is by far the most caring, and effective Chiropractor I have been to yet. No injury has kept me sidelined long and I owe that to Dr. Ripploh for keeping my wheels moving! I would most definitely recommend him to any friends in family. Thanks Dr. Ripploh!

“Dr. Ripploh is great, he’s very polite and easy to work with. You can tell he takes a general interest in his patients wellbeing. I’ve played contact sports and road dirt bikes for years punishing my body. For the last couple of years I’ve been at an office desk and recently started working out again. After running and lifting for a couple weeks I could barely tie my shoes in the morning and had lower back pain all day. After two weeks of going three times a week I felt like a new man again. I could really tell a difference in my flexibility and didn’t feel as robotic while working out. Also my recovery time after working out has been twice as fast. I did a two month program which is difficult to attend with a full time job. Dr. Ripploh was also very good about working around my schedule if I couldn’t make an apt or was running late. Even if you can’t commit to a long term program I think it’s still a benefit to go as you can.”  - Jeremy

“Dr. Ripploh is the only reason I can breathe. I’ve tried every sinus medication on the market and nothing really works for me. I know it sounds crazy, but a chiropractic adjustment treats my sinus congestion for weeks at a time instead of a daily pill! The doctor himself is a very pleasant person with impeccable bedside manner. He always spends all of the time necessary to answer our questions. (Our = my boyfriend also sees him.) You can tell he’s very passionate about what he does and is interested in the well being of his patients instead of just running a patient mill (which I’ve unfortunately experienced before.)” - Sarah

“I began seeing Dr. Ripploah about 6 weeks ago, shortly after I had my baby. I was experiencing back and hip pain and really felt like my body didn’t settle back into position correctly after I gave birth. After being adjusted I felt immediate relief. I continue to see Dr. Ripploh to ensure everything settles back into position permanently. Every week is better than the last! Dr. Ripploh spends all the time necessary to answer my questions or listen to concerns. Additionally, the office is never crowded so most visits take less than 10 minutes total!” - Christine

“I had been experiencing some severe pain in my neck and upper back. I’ve been going to Dr. Ripploh for a couple of weeks and the pain has dramatically reduced. I had forgotten what it felt like to be pain free until recently. Dr. Ripploh is great at explaining what is causing the pain and how he will go about relieving it. Feeling great and will definitely continue treatment here!” - Matt. B.

“I first consulted with Dr. Ripploh 13 months ago. I was discouraged about my back pain and assumed that I wouldn’t be able to to address it without surgery. At 26 years old, surgery was not an option for me. Dr. Ripploh strategically made a plan for me, specific to my pain and problems. I’ve made significant progress in the last 13 months with x-rays to prove it. I’m taller, I have better posture, my pain has decreased and I am more optimistic than ever about my health (without surgery)!” - Josh M.

“I’ve seen Dr. Ripploh as a patient of a couple years now and the results are fantastic. One of the biggest benefits to me was his availability to see someone on short notice. I was in a car accident and Dr. Ripploh was able to see me soon after to start treatment. I highly recommend his services.” - Chris S.

“My whole family has been under the care of Dr.Ripploh, I was very satisfied with the treatment that my mother and daughter received. I would recommend Dr. Ripploh to anyone in need of Chiropractic care!” - Andrea

“I met Dr. Ripploh several years ago but only recently started visiting his office for a continuing problem with back pain. The experience has been great. Obviously, Dr Ripploh is very professional and treats his patients with great care and concern. Nice friendly office, etc. The main thing, though, is the results that we’re seeing in the past two months’.My back pain is virtually gone and I’m able to continue my normal activities. I’ll continue to see Dr Ripploh on a regular basis and highly recommend him to others.” - Dick

“Dr. Keith is an amazing Chiropractor. I’ve never met anyone more passionate about helping people change their lives so they can be healthy and keep it that way. I’ve been treated by Dr. Ripploh on several occasions and have always had a fantastic experience. He is very gentle and specific and pays very close attention to details. I recommend him to everyone I know and will continue to tell people about how he has helped me. If you want to have an amazing Chiropractic experience, give Dr. Keith a call.” - Neil

“I met the good Dr. several years ago. Within a few months I visited him for some recurring back and neck pain. His expertise is apparent and his staff is top notch. The best thing is the results…you experience immediate and permanent results.” - Andrew C.

“Dr. Ripploh’s office was a very pleasent experience. The office is very clean and organized. I felt welcomed and appreciated. Dr. Ripploh was very responsive to my questions and concerns. His adjustment was very specific and it felt great. I would recommend my friends and other family members to Ripploh Chiropractic. This is the place for me.”   - Robert Moore

“Excellent, very professional and great results. I would highly recommend Dr. Ripploh for your chiropractic needs.” - Steve


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  • "I love Dr. Ripploh and his staff. They are very accommodating and really worked with my busy schedule. Every time you go in, you feel as though you are getting the best treatment possible. I highly recommend this office, he has helped me so much."
    Nicole / Cincinnati, OH

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